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Limited Slip Differentials

The ultimate high-speed track differential, provides lockup on acceleration and deceleration. The plates, spiders and side gears are REM polished for smooth operation. Our LSDs can be had with 2, 4, 6, or 8 friction discs and feature our exclusive dual reversible ramps for many different settings. We can pre set the diff to your specifications if you would like it to arrive ready to install.


Pro - High Strength, hardened 4340 Chromoly billet, 8620 cover, multi disc, Pro+ is 100% 8620 billet


Club - 1045 Billet body, still far stronger than any Porsche or ZF LSD. All of our LSDs come standard with 4 friction discs, however, 6 or 8 disc versions are also available.



LSD Application
GT2 Pro GT2/GT3/G50/996/Turbo/968/Boxster S '00-'04
GT3 Club GT2/GT3/G50/996/Turbo/968/Boxster S '00-'04
GT1 Pro+ GT2/GT3/G50/996/Turbo/968/Boxster S '00-'04
997 Pro 997 Carrera 2/Carrera 4
987 Pro Cayman 5-Spd, Boxster 5-Spd 2005-on
Cayman S Pro Cayman S/Boxster S 6-Spd 2005-on
Cayman S Club Cayman S/Boxster S 6-Spd 2005-on
986 Pro Boxster to late 1999 (G86.00 & 01 w/012)
986 Club Boxster to late 1999 (G86.00 & 01 w/012)
930 Pro 930/915 late (fine spline)
915 Pro 915 (mid 1975-1977 coarse spline)
914 Pro 914/901 late (mag case) /915 early (1972-1974)
951 Pro 951/944 (oil pump drive gear available separately)
904 Pro 904/901 Early (aluminum case)